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You are looking at the homepage of the International Playwrights' Forum (IPF), an open committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI). The Forum was founded in Seoul during the General Assembly in 1997 on the initiative of Tobias Biancone, a former president of the Forum.

The New Playwriting Competition 2010
Together with the International Monodrama Forum and the International Theatre Institute the IPF is launching a new competition. For the rules of the competition, please click here >>more

We hope that you will participate.

This homepage also presents to you further information about
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We also provide information on earlier contests, its winners, and you may download part of the winning plays as PDF.

If you have any information that is of interest to playwrights of all over the world, please send it to us and keep the www.playwrightsforum.com posted. Send an email to: Ursula Werdenberg, Secretary General of IPF .

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