The Forum

The International Playwrights' Forum - What is it?
During the ITI-congress in Seoul, September 1997, major changes were made to the organisational structure of the International Theatre Institute (ITI). One of these major changes concerned the committees of the ITI .

What is a forum?
According to the dictionary one of the definition of forum is: "a meeting place of matters of public interest". In our case this place is somewhere in the nowhere of the Internet and the subject is everything that is of interest for a playwright.

New Name and New Form
Discussions at the General Assembly of the ITI resulted in the decision, made by the playwrights present in Seoul, to change the name and form of their committee. "The International Playwrights' Forum" is the name chosen to reflect the openness of this body. Whereas a committee  is usually restricted to a few selected members, this is not the case with a forum.

Currently The International Playwrights' Forum consists of the following
Board Members

Jasen Boko, Croatia, President,
Malou Leviste Jacob, Philippines, Vice-President,
Ursula Werdenberg, Secretary,

19 Board Members:
Satish Alekar,
India, Board Member,  or
Giorgos Neophytou, Cyprus, Board Member,
Andrea Zagorski, Germany, Board Member,
Malgorzata Semil, Poland, Board Member,
Abhi Subedi, Nepal, Board Member,
Heiikki Kujanpää, Finland, Board Member,
Lia Karavia, Greece, Board Member,
Gad Kaynar, Israel, Board Member
Valérie Cordy, Belgium, Board Member,
Richard Crane, England, Board Member,
Claire Pamment, Pakistan, Board Member,
Alice Huball, Belgium, Board Member,

Ulla Alasjarvi, Italy, Board Member,
Emma Jansson, Sweden, Board Member,
Mirka Potuckova, Czech Republik, Board Member,
Natasha Kolevska Kurteva, Bulgary, Board Member,
Dorothy Cunningham, Jamaica, Board Member,
August Melody Andong, Philippines, Board Member,
Hrafnhildur Hagalin, Iceland, Board Member,

Associate Members
Zahim Albakri
, Malaysia,
Anton M. Juan, Philippines/USA,
Emre Erdem, Turkey, Germany

Honorary Board Members:
Tobias Biancone
, Switzerland, (Former President), Secretary General of the International Theatre Institute,
Christakis Georgiou
Turgut A. Akter, Turkey/USA, or
Olafur Haukur Simonarson, Iceland,, Website:
Arnold Wesker, UK (Former President) Website:

The current board focuses on the International Playwriting Competition 2010.

New Members?
Playwrights, translators, directors, dramatists, in fact anyone who is interested in the work and wants to contribute or participate in existing or new projects that concern playwrights can become a member of the Forum and be put on the mailing list of this newsletter.

More Structure?
Any further structuring and added funds needed for the International Playwrights' Forum in the future will be dealt with when the time comes. For the moment, it is just as board member and Turkish playwright Refik Erduran states: "Let's just be practical! Let's do something for the benefit of playwrights internationally."

The Goal of the International Playwrights' Forum
The goal is simple: get plays on stage, get plays translated, networking and dissemination of information for playwrights all over the world.

A Special ”Committee”
At the moment, the International Playwrights' Forum of the ITI does not receive sponsoring from a university, institution or an association for its activites and projects. In this aspect, this Forum may be different from other committees of the ITI who can organize, plan and coordinate their activities with more powerful partners. For this reason, the plans of the Forum for the next three years are very practical, but nevertheless worthwhile.

Further projects that we work on:
- Translation projects
- Congresses and festivals (that are of interest for the playwrights)
- Launching new projects with the help of this website
- Individual search for something that can be put on the site.
- Important data that you want to be spread amongst playwrights worldwide.
- etc.

Guideline for Contracts between Playwrights and Theatres or Theatre Groups
The International Playwrights' Forum developped a guideline that may be of use to playwrights internationally. Click here for the full text: Guideline