The Winners of the Competition 2006 – Plays for the Young

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“The International Playwrights’ Forum of the International Theatre Institute organises biennial playwriting competitions, to encourage contemporary writing. The playwrights’ identity is unknown to the Jury, and the plays are judged solely on their quality and on their reference to the subject set by IPF.”

The Jury selected two plays unanimously for the first price. The decision of the Jury was that a play for young children, should share 1st Prize with a play for older children-adolescents, since the entries of the two categories could not be compared.

The winners are:


1st prize (for younger children):
Vladimir Oravsky & Kurt Peter Larsen “AAAHR!!!”

1st prize (for older children – adolescence):
Irene N. Watts “Lillie”

2nd prize:
Muriel Parmelan “Un grand-père formidable”.


Here is some more information about "AAAHR!!!" by Vladimir Oravsky & Kurt Peter Larsen including the full play in English as a PDF-File for reading and/or download. If you are interested in staging the play, please contact the winners directly.

If you want to read the Swedish original: This is the link where you can get the book. >>publisher of "ÄÄÄHR!!!"

The address of them you will find at the end of the play, in the PDF-File.

"AAAHR!!!" PDF-File, English

About the authors:
Vladimir Oravsky (left):

Swedish author and film director. Born 22.1 1947 in Czechoslovakia.

Before Oravsky decided to be a full-time writer he made a living in Czechoslovakia as machine engineer and conveyor belt constructor. In Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Thailand and USA Oravsky survived as dishwasher, cleaner, newspaperman, dock worker, gold-washer, pea picker, tractor driver, cook, actor, photographer, translator, copywriter, literary critic, dramaturgist, lecturer, teacher, culture bureaucrat, such as culture manager for Umeå municipality, film- and theatre director and producer.

Oravsky is published by many publishing houses, as Studentlitteratur, h:ström – Text & Kultur, Nya Doxa, Symposion, Raketförlaget, Lundtofte Publishing, De Rode Kamer and Branner og Koch.

Oravsky has published books for children and youth, commissioned plays and screenplays. As his favorite model George S. Kaufman, Oravsky works often in collaboration with writing partners, among them Kurt Peter Larsen, Daniel Malmen, Michael Segerström, Lars von Trier, Jakob Stegelman, Natasa Durovicova.

Vladimir Oravsky and Kurt Peter Larsen are joint winners of 2006 International award for best play for children, organized by International Playwrights’ Forum, International Theatre Institute / ITI and International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People / ASSITEJ, for their contribution “AAAHR!!!”

“The Diary of Zlata Ibrahimivic” by Oravsky & Malmen was one of winning plays in competition, organized by Royal Drama Theatre / Elverket in Stockholm.

Books on film

”Film 1983: the best of the Year”, 1983, co-author: J. Stegelmann.
”Film 84: film årbogen 1984” (Film Year book 1984), co-author: J. Stegelmann.
”I skuggornas hetta” (In the Heat of Shadows), 1984, co-author: Olle Ekstrand, N. Durovicova, Kerstin Sandström.
”Ånden i biostaden” (Soul of the Cinema), 1985, co-author: O. Ekstrand, N. Durovicova, Sven-Erik Svensson.

Books for children and youth

Autobiographic: ”Öya, en flicka liten som ett busfrö” (Öya, a Little Girl Devil), 1988, co-author: Elsa Thern.
”Öya växer till sig”, (Öya Grows up), 1989, co-author: E Thern.
”Dumma byxa ut och gå när man nappar på en tå” (Out, Silly Trousers!), 2004.
”Herman och Tusse” (Herman and Tusse), 1989, co-author: K. P. Larsen.
”Herman och stjärnorna” (Herman and the Stars), 1989, co-author: K. P. Larsen.
”Harry - en bussig buss” (Harry, a Kind Bus) 1989, co-author: K. P. Larsen.

Refugee trilogy

”Zlata Ibrahimovics dagbok” (The Diary of Zlata Ibrahimovic), 2004, co-author: D. Malmén.
”Det rena landet : en berättelse om våldtäkt” (The Immaculate Country : a Rape Story), 2007, co-author: D. Malmén.
”På väg : Berättelser av Zlata Ibrahimovic” (On the Way : Stories by Zlata Ibrahimovic), 2007.


Kurt Peter Larsen (right):

Born 1953 in rural Denmark. Kurt is fond of saying that the city moved to him not the other way around. A joiner rather than a beater, Kurt quickly adopted to the city life of Copenhagen where he, while conducting disparate studies at university for his education, and performing civil service for his survival, met up with his future writing partner Vladimir Oravsky. Thus encouraged, yet and other change took place, that into the life of a professional published writer in wide range of genres. His works include stories, commissioned plays and screen plays, one and half libretto as well as children’s books and commercial copy, most of which in collaboration with Vladimir Oravsky.

Making his American debut with his and Vladimir’s “My Astrid!” is an old dream come true for Kurt.